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Flight Training Information for Mexican Students

Sky Safety is located in San Antonio, Texas. We offer training focusing on two tracks for students from Mexico. You can pursue training towards your Mexican license, or you can pursue a US FAA certified license.

Training for US FAA certified ratings

The training towards your US FAA certified license consists of 250 hours. Your examinations will be conducted at the Sky Safety facilities in San Antonio, Texas. See our tuition page for more details. Tuition Details

Training for Mexican ratings

The training towards your Mexican license consists of 180 hours. At the time you complete the course, you will return to Mexico to take your exams.

How to get started

The training process begins with issuing an M-1 training visa. You must fill out an I-20 request form, and we will contact you to begin the enrollment process.

The I-20 Request Form link will take you to the form.

Happy Flying!

Sky Safety is currently looking for agents to represent us in Mexico. If you are interested and qualified, please contact the office for additional information.