Commercial License

A requirement to work for hire in the aviation industry

Are you seeking a career in aviation or desire to become more proficient? Sky Safety's Commercial Pilot Course is designed for pilots who currently hold a Private Pilot Certificate and who wish to obtain their Commercial Certificate, a requirement to work for hire in the aviation industry.

Our Commercial Pilot Course provides advanced aeronautical training. You will become proficient in a complex aircraft and in the flight maneuvers required in the Practical Test Standards. In addition, you will acquire competency in other flying skills required of a professional pilot, including weather, emergencies, weight and balance, advanced aerodynamics and aircraft systems, in-flight decision making, and cockpit resource management. Crew resource management, pilot skill, and good pilot judgment are emphasized throughout the course.

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Sky Safety uses the Jeppesen Commercial Pilot Ground School Course and Kit, which cover advanced aircraft control, cross-country operations, and other requirements needed to take the FAA Commercial Pilot written exam.

The Commercial Pilot Certificate is remarkably affordable. Whether you plan to fly for a living, or just want to take your skills to the next level, the Commercial Pilot License is right for you. Contact us for more information.