Instrument Rating

Improve Your Skill

Want to advance beyond the Private Pilot License or use your pilot skills to further your personal business? The Instrument Rating is your next step. Sky Safety’s affordable Instrument Pilot Course is designed for pilots who currently hold a Private Pilot Certificate and who wish to obtain their Instrument Rating.

We offer an FAA approved Part 141 Instrument Pilot Course program. Advanced training in aeronautical knowledge, weather, and in flight maneuvers is provided. You will receive training in the maneuvers required in the Practical Test Standards, as well as acquire competency in various procedures involved in instrument flying. Some of these include VOR and GPS approaches, localized tracking and holding, and cross-country procedures. Crew resource management, pilot skill, and good pilot judgment are emphasized throughout the course.

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Sky Safety uses the Jeppesen Private Pilot Ground School Course and Kit, which cover aircraft control, cross-country operations, and other requirements needed to take the FAA Private Pilot written exam.

Sky Safety strongly recommends an Instrument Rating for all pilots on the career track. If your goal is a career in aviation, this important step will bring your desires within reach. Contact us today!