Private License

Your First Step into Aviation

Want to zip down to the beach, cruise around the patch, or fly to that neighboring airport just to grab that "$100 hamburger”? Sky Safety offers you a well-organized, comprehensive, yet flexible training program that is safe, fun, and structured to help you achieve your goals. Our Private Pilot Course is the foundation for the other certificates required to become a commercial pilot. At Sky Safety, get your affordable Private Pilot's License in as little as 35 flying hours!

We offer an FAA approved Part 141 Private Pilot Certificate program. You will train in a single engine aircraft, and will receive training in the maneuvers required in the Airmen Certification Standards. You will also acquire competency in other flying skills, including weather, emergencies, weight and balance, advanced aerodynamics and aircraft systems, in-flight decision making, and cockpit resource management. Crew resource management, pilot skill, and good pilot judgment are emphasized throughout the course.

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Sky Safety uses the Jeppesen Private Pilot Ground School Course and Kit, which cover aircraft control, cross-country operations, and other requirements needed to take the FAA Private Pilot written exam.

Sky Safety trained pilots have been getting their licenses after 45 to 55 hours, whereas the national average is over 75 hours. Additionally, over the last 5 years our students are running better than a 95% pass rate on first time check rides. At Sky Safety, you get a superb education in less time and at less cost. Contact us today!